dietingordeath (dietingordeath) wrote in show_your_ribs,

I am so very excited all of my pants are too big.. it rules.. So I ordered like three really cute belts from I also got the coolest stickers there... thought I would spread the word about.. since most of you pants are most likely falling I got the dork one and also the pink star.. i am debating on what band I might pick.. i do defintly like the Mrs. Justin timberlake... anyway they are cute.. and cheaper then buying new clothing everytime my pants fall down... cause I am broke and need to make them last as long as possible...

anyway if anyone else knows of good sites to get belts and cute girly stuff cheap let me know..

also if anyone wants any cool ed icons cntact me they are my new fun thing to do...

also also i am starting a fast today wanna join me???

also again i need to know how to cook fish and what is a way I can make them without being to fishy tasteing??
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