angela (anghella) wrote in show_your_ribs,

hey all...i just i thought id say hi.  i am bulimic, have been for years and years..i have been in treatment like 8 different times and i know that its not for me..and never will be.  i thought id post some pics for yas too...maybe r rated so beware...





btw..i am at 5'7 101lbs right now...theses pics are from like the last few days....or maybe yesterday?  lol i cant remember.  ok thats all for now...

i just also had anotehr question....are any of you bulimic?  like very the point where you purge like 20 times a day?  i cant seem to find any people who binge and purge like i do..i guess thats a good thing cuz im pretty unhealthy  but i dunno..just wondering i guess.  sorry im babbling.  ok let me know what you guys think..and yes i know i still have weight to lose!

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