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Hello to all

skinny and lovelyBleurgh so here I am again, more mutterings. Had quite a good day yesterday - still managed to work off more than I ate so am chuffed with that. One of my friends has been making comments like 'ooh you look even skinnier than ever' which on one hand... delights me I guess, but on the other is also worrying because she knows that I 'used' to have food issues. That was always my way of coping, of why I am small - was to tell people I used to be anorexic or bulimic, and they would then not tease me about my weight nor even hardly dare to mention it because the situation made them feel uncomfortable. Works a charm. You can get away with some of your habits too without people taking the piss. Like when I do eat I hate for the spoon or fork to touch my lips. It makes me feel sick. I have to kind of scrape the food off with my front teeth.
Remember the MESSAGE BOARD is open and so too is the BUDDY LIST - loads of people posted their histories on there as well as their contact mails, so thanks for that. Feel free to do so if you haven't already :) Remember the main site IS NOW OPEN @ so PLEASE browse over when you get a minute and take a look. :) Oh and remember the ShoutBox if you want to use it :) All of the chat features are available via the site. I always put this in my entries and it's not intended to piss anyone off. The only advertising that ana-sites can have is with each other lest we all get shut down, so all I'm doing is offering my place to anyone who wants to visit and get involved. If you send me an affiliate request I'm happy to link to you, whether you are a journal, community or website. There is an affiliate request form up on the links page. So many of the sites are just not there anymore, so it would be great if the existing ones and new ones can co-exist and support each other, so that everyone gets to know all the places to turn to for friendship and support. 100x35 banners preferred. I will also help out with website designs, logos, icons etc if anyone needs me too.
Want to fast today. Still pondering whether to go the coffee or the tea route. Coffee will likely win out although am slightly concerned about the possibility of Stacker2+caffeine=me-up-@-5am-with-no-sleep. Still, should be okay so long as I don't go overboard. It's nice to see my bones again. Collarbones are great. also my pelvis showing through is pretty wicked. It makes me happy. I have to be careful though, my man HATES it when he can see the back of my ribcage and it's quite prominent at the moment. So I'm being careful to not advertise that fact, know what I mean?
Ugh, so anyways after MK Olsen finally admitted to having something in common with all of us, I made a picture gallery of the twins.
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