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disclaimer: I apologize in advance for crossposting, but every bit of help is seriously appriciated.

Hi there, I'm new to the community and I thought I would post here, seeing as many of you are probably the only ones I feel I can turn to about this

I need to lose weight. And seriously. Everyday I look in the mirror and am completely disgusted with myself and I tell myself "Okay. Today, I will be strong. Today I can control myself. Today I'll fast" but the same thing always happens. I'll give in and tell myself, okay, just one meal.

Soon I eat another meal and I fell completely disgusted with myself. And the next day it happens again.

(Un)fortunately for me, I have an unusually strong stomach so I can handle certain types of food without throwing up. If you drink, this is a plus, but when it comes to purging---I find myself unable to. I've tried so many times to throw up and have failed each time. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Please, I hate my body right now. If anybody has any tips to help me out, it would be much appriciated. And also, how to go about a semi-long term fast (a few days or so.) I'm not really new at this, just bad at it, and I'm willing to try so hard.

Thanks in advance
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