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Show Those Ribs!!!
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This is a community dedicated to the celebration the female form; the female form in its purest and most volatile appearance. More specifically, the willful and determined suppression of the adored curved womanly form that pervades society and the exaltation of the wonderful pure form of the skeletal starving woman. We encourage you not to hide behind layers of clothing or television standards. We're not misfits who need to hide, because we're not outcasts; sometimes we want to shine too. We don't need to feel ashamed of the bodies we worked hard for (or are working hard for). Show it. Bare yourself for all to see.

This is a place to show off your hard-earned bulemi-body to the Livejournal community and to others like you elsewhere who may be too afraid to join up themselves. That we're not going to hide anymore is an understated fact. We may still be sort of anonymous here on the good old Captain Internet, but we’re still free to be who we want to. So we’re going to bare our bodies and be proud!

This community may or may not involve nudity. So as can only be expected, in order to post YOU MUST show your age; no users under 18 may join, post or even visit. By watching our community you agree that you are over the age of 18 years.

Get bare and show your ribs.